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“For Copy As Compelling As Illustration”:   e:  michaelenfield@verizon.net

Our goal is to create and deliver the world’s most dramatic commercial content across all mediums and screens. I achieve this through meticulous focus on Artwork, Work, Work.  It's what we do every day to reinforce or change the marketplace.  Our core capabilities include: advertising, branding, email marketing & eCRM, mobile & social media, strategy and planning, interactive marketing, direct marketing, and design.

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"Women’s March” ( Jan 21, 2017, Washington, DC);  Tap ^   “We The People For The People”.

"I flow back and forth between the lines of art director, photographer, videographer and writer. I provide a long list of solutions when asked to provide one. I understand how creative work can be used and how to make the point that we want to make. I plan so efficiently that problems and costs are minimized, expenses are meticulously documented. I immediately put customers at ease. I follow through and blaze trails with promotional concepts with ever new technical capabilities.” 

With the exuberance of a Pratt graduate and seasoned creative artist,  I've developed another vocational aside— cultivating a splendid pedigree of AKC pointers.

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Visit Enfield German Shorthairs official, AKC, Kennel's Site to explore my intimate impressions of the pet most folk's enthusiastically refer to as "man's best friend”—  http://www.enfieldgermanshorthairs.org

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"Free Flight Fare, Washington, DC" ^  

For Niche, Guest Accommodations in The Nation’s Capital please browse by my recently launched, affiiate Site

I've compiled other exemplary collections of my work in Dropbox, several samples of which you may recall having seen somewhere, sometime before:  


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